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In the company, the collective life is capital for the development of each individual. At EVS, we instill space and time to spark more interaction between people. A positive vision of the company is our emphasis, where collaboration and motivations are a driver of productivity. We cultivate the art of surprising- with excellent products, with a spicy language, with an urban style, with a cosmopolitan savoir-vivre and….read more

Our Passion

To bring Quality, Expertise and Services to our customers. We position ourselves as consultants, offering you not only our products, but also ensuring that your knowledge is transmitted to your teams in order to improve your customer experience and increase your revenue. 

Our Passion

Our Services

We provide premium coffee solutions for Hotels, Cafes, Restaurants and Offices. Our goal is to bring our clients the ultimate coffee experience with Nespresso’s premium machines, capsules and accessories.

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