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EVS Canada is a partner of Nespresso’s Professional Sales and Services in Canada. We provide premium coffee solutions to Hotels, Cafes, Restaurants and Offices. Our goal is to enhance your business with the best coffee solutions for you and your customers.

Why choose us?

We are not your typical coffee supplier. Our innovative spirit and our premium products are at the heart of our identity. Our clients benefit from our expertise with premium Grand Crus coffees, innovative machines and excellent customer support from requesting supplies, maintenance, to technical service.

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At EVS, we understand that every customers needs are unique, we make it a priority to provide the most optimal solutions for your business needs. By bringing our high-quality products and superior expertise in coffee, we guarantee consumer satisfaction that unmatched by other suppliers. 

An exceptional coffee begins with the right choices. We believe that Nespresso products can not only provide an extraordinary experience to customers, but also promote social and environmental sustainability with every cup.

  • Nespresso’s sustainability vision revolves around three pillars: better social conditions, better economic conditions, better ecologic conditions.
  • Nespresso launched the AAA sustainability program (sustainable quality program) in 2003. The program was established to build long-term direct relationships with farmers from the best coffee growing areas in the world.
  • Nespresso works with 70,000 farmers around the world and growing.

Meet Our Team

We’re always happy to connect with you. Please feel free to contact one of our team members.

Territory Manager

Melissa Abunnadi

BC Mainland 

Food & Beverage Industry

I love having a positive impact on my customers’ business, and teaching them more about the superior coffee we use. Every day is new and exciting!

Travel addict. Motorbike enthusiast. Coffee fanatic. Healthy living. Foodie. World’s greatest Aunt!

The classic latte made with the smooth balanced blend of the single origin Guatemala topped up with steamed milk and foam.

Territory Manager

Debbie Beach

BC, Vancouver Island – All segments

(HORECA / Offices / Customer Care)

Nespresso’s commitment to Recycling, Sustainability and Consumer care matched only by the incredible coffee and machines, makes this a dream career.

Personal life includes exploring the amazing gastronomy and stunning sights of Beautiful Vancouver Island.

Espresso Leggero Latte w/cinnamon.

Territory Manager

Jason Naidoo

BC Mainland 

Office / Customer Care

I love the fact that I represent a worldwide premium brand that has a recognized commitment to sustainability and quality – It’s a natural sales-pitch as I truly believe in the product and actively use Nespresso as my chosen coffee brand.

Outside of work I enjoy getting out with my dog, Kobe – I enjoy being fit and active, and definitely enjoy taking advantage of our world class food and breweries!

My favorite blend is the Lungo Guatemala – It’s the perfect balance of bold and fruity. Favorite recipe has got to be the Espresso Old Fashioned.

Territory Manager

Charlie Woods

BC Mainland – Food 

& Beverage Industry

I enjoy demonstrating to prospects how easy it is to create the perfect cup of coffee with our premium coffee blends swiss designed machines.

In my spare time I love going out with friends, cooking, making and drinking cocktails, dining out. I also love to travel to as many weird and wonderful places as possible.

My favorite Nespresso Blend is the Espresso Origin Brazil, and my favorite recipe would be is a Nespresso Negroni!

Territory Manager

Tariq Hudda

BC Mainland / Offices

& Customer Care segments

I love teaching others about the different aspects of coffee, and I get super excited when one’s face lights up in awe after they taste a Nespresso coffee for the first time!

I love going to the gym and playing sports.  Basketball is one of my absolute favorites to watch and play!  I am also a Certified Personal Training – I enjoy helping people achieve their fitness goals.  In addition to sports and fitness, cooking is one of my greatest passions. I also love to spend lots of quality time with my family.

My favorite blend is the Espresso Origin Brazil and my favorite recipe is simply a double espresso!

Territory Manager

Stephanie Bradburn

BC Mainland 


Privileged to work alongside the ‘Best of the Best’  in our beautiful BC hotels to bring an elevated coffee experience to their guests

Outside of  work: Co-creator of 4 amazing kids, wife to one hell of a chef /wine geek, hiker of mountains , kayaker of calm waters, day-dreamer of how to one day live in Tuscany, Etta James to Chris Stapleton to India Arie,  Amy Tan to Maya Angelou to John Steinbeck, Coffee till it’s time to drink wine.

Ristretto Origin India with steamed coconut milk and cinnamon for breakfast + Espresso shots of Lungo Leggero throughout the day.

Territory Manager

Melanie Blair

AB, Northern Alberta, All Segments 

(Horeca / Offices / Customer Care)

I am very excited to part of the Nespresso Professional team and sharing my love of the perfect cup of coffee with everyone in Edmonton.

When I am not working, I enjoy running, and spending time with my family and my friends. I love watching my husband and son play lacrosse together, my son playing hockey, and my daughter competing with her cheer team.

My favorite Nespresso Blend is Lungo Forte and I like it prepared as a caffe latte.

Territory Manager

Daniela Pacheco

AB, Southern Alberta, SK, MB – 

Office & Customer Care

Excited to introduce and educate companies on all that Nespresso Pro has to offer. Positive Cup, Sustainability, The recycling story and the amazing tasting coffee is what makes me most excited about this company.

Golf, Tennis, Cooking, Traveling & spending time my family. Animal  lover to the core.

Espresso Forte Pro Capsule with steamed milk and raw sugar/Caramel Pro Iced Coffee with heavy cream.

Territory Manager

Carolyn Horwitz

AB, Southern Alberta, SK, 


Nespresso’s commitment to Sustainability and how they invest in the farmers that they work with is fantastic. Reinvesting in people and the planet.

I love hanging out with my daughter and having dance parties in our living room.  We love to cook together, explore sushi restaurants and ice cream shops!

My favorite coffee drink is the Chai Coffee, made with Ristretto Origin India, chai syrup and hot milk.

Territory Manager

Sarah Moores

BC Mainland – Kelowna

(HORECA / Offices / Customer Care)

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Territory Manager

Amanda Kirdei

Manitoba – Winnipeg

(HORECA / Offices / Customer Care)

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Territory Manager

Dave MacLeod

BC Mainland


I’m excited to represent a brand that’s committed not only to producing premium quality coffee but sustainability and improving the lives of its farmers. The fact that we can produce the perfect cup of coffee ethically while also making it easy and affordable for our clients is amazing.

Exploring the world around us with my wife and son inspires me. Teaching our little man through real-world experiences is the most rewarding thing I’ve ever experienced.

An intense life calls for an intense coffee. Ristretto Intenso, straight up all the way.

Sébastien Petro

Vice president

Enjoying putting team together and brewing new business ideas!

Outside of work: husband, father, here & now, urban culture, Vans slip on, board sports, swimming & cycling, Lake Powell to Nosara, road tripping, avocado, ginger, Disco bear, Ben to Bob, singing 80’s songs with my toothbrush & sleeping diagonally.

Blend and recipe: Dulsao before 10am, then Lungo Leggero up to 3pm… Café Liégeois.

Rich Hamilton

Sales manager

Mindi Petro

Operation manager

One of my professional accomplishments was joining EVS with a humble background and being able to prove my intellect and skills. I started off as an admin assistant and created my own path eventually managing Nespresso relations for multiple departments, managing marketing, customer relations, the technical department & technical logistics and IT and web marketing.

Discovering new music, concerts and spending time with my family.

Favorite capsule: Ristretto Origin India. Favorite recipe: Liegois, top it off with whip cream.

Craig Allen

Service technician

I like my job because I enjoy fixing things. I was the kid who took my dad’s stuff apart just to see how it works. Having a garage full of tools helped also.

Most of my time outside of work is spent with my kids. When I’m not with them, I enjoy getting outdoors. I enjoy running, skiing, camping and fishing. I have recently gotten into backcountry backpacking and have some trips planned for the future. I am also interested in mountaineering and am in the process of planning my first trip.

My favourite Nespresso blend would have to be a Lungo Forte with lots of sugar. I think  Baileys would go good with it as well especially after a long day of skiing.

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