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Since 1938, we have steadily built our expertise by selecting the best premium, fine and rare teas from around the world. Our savoir-faire unified to our long partnership with renowned Tea Masters revealed Nunshen: a modern unique tea experience.

What makes us different?

Our teas are prepared in the most traditional way to preserve the aromas and flavors of the leaves.

Our muslins are made from biodegradable natural materials with no artificial additives. They are hand made with 100% cotton to allow our teas to express their aromas.

The design is purposefully sleek to seduce a demanding clientele in search of modernity and quality.

When you choose Nunshen®️ you will be a part of an environmentally responsible approach due to our certified packaging FSC (FSC Forest Stewardship Counci) / PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes) and participating in environmental programs worldwide via our 1% for the Planet commitment.


Artisanal Teas made for the modern world.

For decades, we only select the best premium, fine and rare teas from around the world. We partner with worldwide famous Tea Masters and together, we have created the Nunshen Master Selection® which features the most exclusive teas representing the true art of tea that the most fine connoisseurs will appreciate.

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To enable our fans to constantly awaken their taste buds and enjoy exploring new sensations the “Savoir Faire” of our experienced blenders and herbalists has brought us to perfect our home made blends and continue to craft our designed Nunshen Unique Selections®, by combining best teas with finest spices, fruits and herbs.

Discover our unique selections…

Benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our world famous Master Expert. Exclusive tea blends have been selected to intrigue even the most relentless connoisseur.

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